Quality & plastics traceability

Specializing in grinding of plastic wastes , Top Recycling recycles only clean or non-polluted industrial wastes. Indeed, our company aims to supply materials, which are admittedly recycled, but of high quality and which guaranteed a complete traceability on all the products.

Plastic recovery

Through the various plastics recovered by Top Recycling, a lot of them are APET & PETG, used in the manufacturing of packaging & trays for the medical & pharmaceutical markets. Top Recycling processes other materials such as PS, PP & PVC.

Plastic wastes grinding

In order to avoid materials mixing and to guarantee an optimum quality of the product, Top Recycling systematically cleans the grinder, the shredder and the piping when it changes of plastics family.

Trade & plastic recovery

In 2008, Top Recycling processed several hundred of tons of plastic wastes. The plastics, as various as they can be (APET, PETG, PS, PP, PVC…) are of high quality and enjoy a complete traceability.


Subsidiary of Top Clean Packaging group, Top Recycling collects and recycles the plastic wastes of Cartolux-Thiers and Top Clean Injection. Within the group, the materials are followed from their entry in stock, to the repurchase by Top Recycling, then to the final delivery.

So Top Recycling enjoys the added value of the group, that is to say the knowledge of the plastics, the control of the networks, and the traceability of the recovered materials.

Top Recycling offers its recovery and recycling services to any industrial company.




Our group

Top Clean Packaging is a family group, specializing in plastics conversion. It is composed of 5 companies based in France, Italy and China, specialists in plastic process :

    High technicality and ultra-cleanliness in the plastics industry